Tipping the scales on style

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How do I choose a performance exhaust tip?

Tipping the scales on style

In the early days of motoring the newfangled horseless carriage was permitted on city streets as long as they did not frighten women, children and horses. You might keep this rule in mind when considering a tip change. Even in the “anything goes” world of exhaust tips, there are guidelines. If you have established a theme, for your vehicle's look, don't abandon it when you choose an exhaust tip. If your style is full-tilt-over-the-top, then go as big and as loud as the laws of nature allow. If you are more of an artiste, you want to show restraint and sophistication. You can achieve a high level of subtle sophistication by echoing the vehicle's general bodyline and predominant shape and mounting flush with the rear valance. You also have to take into consideration the shape of your tips. Square tips that extend beyond the curved valance on a swooping, curvaceous body will put you in clunk city. If you're a purist, then stick with the classics or the reigning look of the time. A period-correct upturned "stinger" exhaust tip that looks tough on a '70s-era Volkswagen Baja Bug, would look downright dumb on a '90s-era Sting Ray.



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