A better brake pad

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What do I look for in a premium brake pad.

A better brake pad

We have already established that all brake pads are not created equal. If you know what to look for you can tell the good from the bad and the ugly in fairly short order. Here's what to look for:

-Stainless steel shims. These provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance, durability and reliability, and longer noise-free performance.
-A graphite-enhanced powder coating to protect the steel backing plate from corrosion, extreme temperatures, and reduces noise.
-A slotted surface and chamfered edges for noise-free operation. These are found only on premium quality linings. Chamfered edges allow the pads to engage the rotor more smoothly, which reduces chatter, vibration and noise. Slots also help muffle noise and while providing a path for hot gases to escape under the toughest braking conditions.
-An underlayer that acts to absorb vibration while maintaining full stopping power. The underlayer is located between the pad and steel plate and acts to dampen all vibrations caused by the brake pads engaging the rotors.



8/25/2006 3:48:53 PM

I recently bought a set of Promaster High Performance reae brake pads for my 2003 Mustang GT. These pads have holes drilled in the pad surface. Is this significant? It seems to me that the holes take away some of the pad surface allowing less friction to the rotor, which might not be such a good idea! Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


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