Of Running Boards, Nerf Bars, and Steps

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What's best? Running boards, Nerf bars, or Steps?

Of Running Boards, Nerf Bars, and Steps

Trucks have come a along way since Tom Joad drove his Okie family to California. Nowadays you can't just slap on a running board and call it done. Your truck or SUV not only has to work hard, it has to look good. You have to ask yourself, Do you want a running board, a Nerf bar, or steps? What's the diff, you ask? Running Boards traditionally provide a much wider step area than do Nerf bars. Truck hoop steps (no relation to hoop earrings), however, can make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle. (if that is your thing). What's more, Nerf bars now come in a wider 4" oval vs. 3" round step, which gives you more step area than traditional step bars. In the end, it all boils down to style. Because as we all know, “Looking good is better than working hard.”



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