…what a toolbox can do for you

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What's the value of a truck toolbox?

…what a toolbox can do for you

In order to understand why truck toolboxes have become so popular, you have to know your history. Back in the day, before truck toolboxes (BTT), electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters, ironworkers and other blue-collar guys would lug their tools home after work every day or leave them lying around in truck's cab. Not a good situation. Fortunately, some clever but unknown fellow invented a box that could be attached to the truck's bed. Shazam, shazam! Now the truck owner could lock his tools and supplies into the tool box. No longer would he need to bring them into the house. What's more, he would be sure that the items in the box would be there, ready for work, the next day.



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