Nology Hotwires: When Performance Is A Must

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whre can i get the best spark plug wires for my vehicle

Nology Hotwires: When Performance Is A Must

Nology Hotwires has proven that technology doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Known throughout the racing community as the top of the line plug wire, Nology Hotwires give any car, truck, SUV, and van the best performing plug wire available. As with all plug wires, controlling the heat is a huge factor in its performance. Nology Hotwires are designed with carbon fiber and high temperature silicone for maximum protection against heat. They also have tremendous Ohm resistance (the unit by which electrical resistance is measured). Nology Hotwires produce the same amount of work in less time than your normal plug wire. While some plug wire manufacturers will make promises about the life and durability of their plug wires, Nology Hotwires are a proven success in the racing world, also for everyday drivers.



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