Reasons For Spark Plug Resistors

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what are spark plug resistors used for

Reasons For Spark Plug Resistors

Many people have this misconception about spark plug resistors. Some think that the resistor will stop oil fouling or may stop the deposits from entering or exiting the spark plug chamber. Instead, the resistors were created for EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (radio frequency interference). With the spark plug and spark plug wires, this is extremely minute amounts of radiation that are emitted by electric circuits which carry rapidly changing signals. These unwanted signals interfere with other signals sent from other electric or electronic signals. When a spark moves or jumps the gap on the spark plug, it creates electromagnetic field causing a number of problems, such as poor spark plug performance. But the EMI or the RFI can also cause more severe problems with your vehicles computer or radio, or other vehicle electronic or electrical systems. Though the spark plug and spark plug wire manufacturers have been coming up with new technologies to retard the effects of EMI or RFI, the people who design the cars, trucks, SUVs and vans we drive everyday are working hard to help with the effects of EMI or RFI.



4/16/2007 6:31:37 AM
Dan said:

One way to reduce radio frequency interference (RFI), or noise, is to use spark plug wires built on a "wire wound" design. On most spark plug wires, the electricity runs along carbon impregnated into string. With wire wound products, the current runs down an actual wire that is looped or wound around string. These loops or "turns" cause the electromagnetic field to shrink down to almost nothing and greatly reduce the amount of RFI noise. Most spark plug wires that use this design will have a picture of the turns of wire on the packaging. One company famous for using wire wound designs is MSD ignition. You will often find them on race cars, heavy duty trcucks and hot rods. If they are good enough for racing engines, they should be good enough for your car or truck.


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