Which Spark Plug Manufacturer Do I Choose?

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which spark plug should i use

Which Spark Plug Manufacturer Do I Choose?

Although there are quite a few spark plug manufacturers to choose from, your vehicle really doesn't know the difference between one or the other. But understanding the differences in the spark plugs will help you decide what brand or manufacturer of spark plugs you would like to install or have installed in your vehicle.

Always look for quality over price. Though some spark plugs are better for your vehicle, it's not the brand that causes a difference. Price does not dictate a spark plugs performance -- the quality of the spark plug is what creates better performance. Here are a few other tips to help you choose:

  • When choosing a spark plug for you vehicle, ask about the specific heat range.
  • Use only recommended replacement spark plugs.
  • You can learn more about spark plugs from your dealership or local reputable auto shop.
  • You can go online and find information about a certain spark plug.
  • For any stock vehicle (any car that has not been modified) use the OEM replacement spark plug.



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