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how do i find the firing order for my vehicle

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Wondering the firing order for your Jeep, Chevy, or Saab? With all the auto manuals and software, it's easy to find the firing order for any vehicle.

The firing order of a vehicle is the sequence of sparking of the spark plugs in a reciprocating engine, or the sequence of fuel injection in each cylinder in a Diesel engine. Achieving the correct firing order may prove difficult at times. Producing the correct timing on a vehicle is crucial to your vehicles performance and/or your customer when a time line as been drawn for the repairs.

Knowing the firing order of any vehicle you own is important when you're working with ignition, timing, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributors, caps, etc. If you do not know the firing order, you can get it from a dealership that sells your make and model vehicle, the local parts store, or a local mechanic shop. You can even find it online with a little searching.



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