Protecting Your Truck Bed Cover

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how do i keep my truck bed cover looking good

Protecting Your Truck Bed Cover

You've spent the money and the time to give your truck bed the protection it needs, but how do you protect the truck bed cover? It does not matter whether your truck bed cover is made of canvas, leather, vinyl, fiberglass or metal; it needs to be protected.

  • If you have a fiberglass bed cover you can apply a coat of wax to the cover to help protect it. When your ready to apply a coat of wax to your truck, simply do the same to the bed cover.
  • With leather or vinyl bed covers use a water base dressing to clean. Use only water base dressing because silicone dressings will get on the painted surfaces of your truck, causing damage to the clear coat and paint.
  • For canvas covers, before you install a canvas bed cover, treat it with a water seal designed for canvas. This will help repel stains and/or dirt build up. When time to clean the canvas bed cover, use only water and a diluted degreaser to remove the stains. Reapply the water seal after you're finished. This should be done at least once every other month unless suggested differently my the manufacturer.



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