Caring For Your Aluminum Tool Boxes

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how do i clean and polish my tool box

Caring For Your Aluminum Tool Boxes

Caring for you tool box is essential if you want your tool box to have a long shelf life. Here are some tips to help you care for your aluminum tool box:

  • If the tool box does have a laminate coating, use only water and a mild car wash soap. When completely dry, wax the tool box as you would your vehicle.
  • Do not use an aluminum brightener or acid, or an aggressive wax to clean any laminated tool box. These cleaners and waxes will damage the coating and dull the shine.
  • If your tool box is bare aluminum you can use a diluted aluminum brightener or acid to clean the box.
  • If the dirt or grime on the box is light, a car wash soap will be fine. After the tool box is clean and dry, proceed with polishing.
The best way to apply an aluminum polish is with either a orbital buffer or a variable speed buffer. The orbital buffer is probably the best to use when the box is in need of upkeep.
  • Apply the polish to the pad, also known as a bonnet. You do not need to cover the entire pad with the polish - just a little in the middle and a little on the edge.
  • When removing the polish, you will want to remove the moisture as well. This is done by using a powder while wiping the polish with a terry cloth. Baby powder works as does regular cooking flour.



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