Installing Your Running Boards

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how to look prepare when installing my new running boards

Installing Your Running Boards

When installing your new running boards, there are several important rules to follow. Although running boards come with instructions on installation, you should always prepare for slight adjustment problems, hardware that does not match specified bolt patterns, and a differential in the actual fit of the running board or step.

  • When you're ready to start, make sure you have all the tools recommended by the manufacturer. Not all running boards and steps are the same, so make sure you only install your new running boards or steps using the hardware given.
  • Do not modify the hardware, boards or steps.
  • Lay out your step or running boards to each side with the hardware needed.
  • With someone helping you, hold the running board or step up to the vehicle and make sure it's centered.
  • Look at each end of the board to see if it fits snug against the body or if there is a gap anywhere. Even though most running boards and steps are designed to fit a certain make and model vehicle, there can still be a slight to moderate issues when it comes to fastening the board or step to your vehicle.
If you are happy with the results of the fit and the looks, proceed to the manufacturers specified install instructions. When you start the installation, start at the front, install necessary hardware, but only finger tighten. Then move to the rear, repeating step one, then to the center. Before tightening any hardware, push the running board to the desired position, making sure the fit is comfortable and safe for use. When you have the board or step in the right position, tighten the center, then the front and lastly the rear.



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