Caring For Your Running Boards

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what is the best way to care for my running boards

Caring For Your Running Boards

Though you may keep your truck, SUV or van looking great, running boards, steps and nerf bars may need a little more attention when it comes to cleaning and protecting them. The road wreaks havoc on running boards, steps bars and nerf bars.

  • If your running board is plastic or made from a polymer material, (something other than metal), you can clean the running board with a light degreaser. Dilute the degreaser by creating a mixture of half water and half degreaser in any spray bottle. Hint: do not use the degreaser at your local car wash; these are mostly caustic and will cause your running boards to fade very quickly.
  • Using a rag or cloth, clean the entire running board. The inside of the running boards tend to be the dirtiest.
  • After the running boards are clean, always apply a protectant. Be careful not to apply any silicone based dressing to the step area of the running board, this will cause the board to become very slippery.



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