Caring For Your Fender Flares

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how do i keep my fender flares looking ood

Caring For Your Fender Flares

Most fender flares are made of a plastic or polymer material and can get extremely dirty and or banged up. Caring for your aftermarket fender flares can be simple and easy. When cleaning the fender flares, always remember to use a good cleaner; diluted degreasers seem to work the best. Never use a steel wool or anything that may scuff the surface of the fender flare. After cleaning the fender flares, protect them with a silicone dressing, but make sure you wipe the excess dressing from the paint and clean the paint. Silicone dressings will damage clear coats and painted surfaces. After wiping off the excess dressing, wait 20-30 minutes and apply another coat of silicone dressing. The silicone dressing, or protectant, will act as barrier between the fender flare and the dirt, keeping the surface of the fender flare slick and at the same time allowing the dirt to slide off easier.



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