Turbo Chargers And Cold Air Intake Systems

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What air intake systems can i get for a turbo charger

Turbo Chargers And Cold Air Intake Systems

Performance engines are either turbocharged or supercharged, which means that air coming into the engine is pressurized so that more fuel-air mixture can be squeezed into each cylinder to increase performance and horsepower. This pressurized air-fuel flow is called a boost. Turbocharged vehicles use a small turbine attached to the exhaust to rotate air extremely fast within the compressed turbine into the air stream. The air for the most part is already cool, but added air-fuel flow faster creates more horsepower as well as more torque.

Adding the cold air intake system will increase not only horsepower but the performance of the turbo charger will increase. When using these combinations , you will find you have a quicker throttle response, lower air-fuel temperatures and even gives a deeper, more throatier sound. Anytime you want bolt on horsepower that isn't extremely pricey, look for turbo chargers.



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