Safety And Warning Labels

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what are safety precautions when using a winch

Safety And Warning Labels

As with any piece of machinery, winches have with the ability to cause severe injury or death when safety precautions are ignored. Every winch comes with instructions and warning labels inside the box, on the winch and on the hardware. You can also find a 1-800- customer service number for questions or concerns. Strict rules, safety precautions and warnings need to be understood and practiced at all times while using any winch. Safety equipment needed when using a winch, such as gloves, eye protection and recommended hardware, depending on the winching job are essential. Make sure you read all warning information and precautions and familiarize yourself with all parts of a winch and its abilities or capacity labels.

Load Capacity labels are mounted all over the winch. Certain restrictions apply to voltage or amps used when wiring in a winch to your vehicle. Exceeding recommended voltage or amps may cause damage to the motor or your vehicle, which can result in winch failure and in turn cause more damage or injury



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