Hydraulic Winch or Electric Winch

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which should i buy hydraulic winch or electric

Hydraulic Winch or Electric Winch

Though electric winches are more popular, the hydraulic winch has become less of a hassle for many people. Once you install a hydraulic winch, you're done. With a hydraulic winch, there is no cool down period during heavy use. The hydraulic winch works well even when submerged underwater. Electric winches have been known to over heat and/or even fail during heavy loads or pulls. There is no extra upgrading to do when installing a hydraulic winch, but electric winches more often than not require a battery or alternator upgrade. While the hydraulic winch is probably tougher and more reliable, the electric winch is a bit faster and usually lighter in weight. More power and more consistency gives the hydraulic winch an edge over electric winches.



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