When To Change Your Breaks

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how do i know when to change my brakes

When To Change Your Breaks

Most people will wait until their brakes are squealing, rubbing, or even have failed before changing them. This is not only extremely dangerous, but will cause damage to other parts of your vehicle. Knowing when to change breaks is crucial for safe driving. It's recommended that you get your brakes checked once every six months, or around every 10,000 miles for an everyday driver. There are several things to check for when inspecting your breaks:

  1. The wear on the brake pads. If the pad is 1/4-inch thick or less, replace them immediately.
  2. The wear on the rotor. You can check the rotors for any scored areas by running your fingernails down the face of the rotor. If your fingernails snag or you find the rotor has grooves, it will need to be resurfaced ("turned") or replaced.
  3. Check brake lines for any rips or tears and check the calipers for leaks.



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