Diesel Power

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Why does my truck come with limitations from factory

Diesel Power

Your vehicle is an awesome machine, with the capabilities of producing huge amounts of power. But, the auto manufacturer limits your vehicles abilities due to the laws that govern the automotive industry. Safety, fuel economy and emissions are the top concerns. Getting into the untapped power your vehicle can produce can be as easy as plugging in a cord. A lot of people are apprehensive when it comes to their vehicle's complex electrical and computer system and will ignore the simplicity of gaining better performance and power.

But with the new advances made in the automotive industry, performance is but a few minutes away. Bullydog is the world leader in high performance products and electronics. With little experience, you can add up to 230 horsepower and 450 lbs. of torque. Talk about a lot of power. Bullydog is known for getting the most power out of any diesel truck by giving it better transmission protection, engine protection and a quicker reaction to horsepower. Added horsepower and torque means better performance and towing capabilities. Better performance means better fuel efficiency and emissions.



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