Installing Your Programmer

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how do i install my programmer

Installing Your Programmer

When installing a programmer, take your time, be patient and follow the instructions. Not following the installation instructions will cause poor performance, inability to install the programmer and void your warranty.

Here are the instructions for installing your programmer for 96 and 97 General Motors V-8s with Hypertech Powere Programmer 3.

-Always make sure your battery is fully charged before starting the installation.
-Make sure you have time to start and finish the installation, once you have started the installation, never leave the vehicle for any reason.
-With your vehicle turned off, find and remove any bolts holding the computer to the firewall, find and remove the clamp, turn the computer over and find the connector the has red writing. Or, look on the computer where the connector is connected, a red retainer clip holding the connector should be there. Gently remove the clip and now you can remove the connector.
-Insert the wiring harness into the PTM connector. Insert the PTM wiring harness connector to the computer. Make sure you re-install the retainer clip removed earlier.
-Turn the computer back over and reinstall it. Now find a suitable place under the hood to mount the PTM, closest to the rear firewall, near the brake booster or ABS system, always away from any heated areas.
-Now, you will want to remove the fuse panel cover, and plug the PTM into the fuse block. Turn the key to the ON position, but do not crank the vehicle. Now check the PTM's light to make sure they are working properly, turn the vehicle off, and check again.

For best results, contact your programmer manufacturer. Alway perform any installation to specifications.



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