ECU Mods

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how will a ecu effect my car

ECU Mods

Modifying the ECU ( Elctronic/ Engine Control Unit) or adding a chip to the ECU is generally for performance purposes. However, doing so may not always help the performance of your vehicle. Normally, other modifications have already been made or are in the works. ECU chips can increase your power by up to 40 percent overall, depending on the vehicle and its fuel type. You can use an ECU chip to gain more horsepower and/or torque, better fuel efficiency and quicker responses to the power with less gear changing. ECU chips remap the timing of the ignition to give greater throttle response. But not all vehicles can handle the modifications made by the ECU chips. Where other problems exist, an ECU upgrade or ECU programming may cause damage to other parts of the vehicle. Making sure your vehicle is ready for this kind of upgrade is crucial to the ECU chips ability to help your vehicle perform. Always be knowledgeable when installing any part that may modify your vehicle. This may save you time and money when it's time to do the ECU upgrade.



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