Air, Noise And Vent Visors For Trucks

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how do i stop the wind noise coming in my window of my vehicle

Air, Noise And Vent Visors For Trucks

Some vent visors will stop the bugs and rain from entering the cab of a truck better than others, but have little or no effect on the wind noise, which can be very annoying. Wind noise can cause problems when driving, especially in trucks. Trucks, vans and SUVs sit higher off the ground than cars and are not as aerodynamic as cars, causing more of a wind noise. Vent visors are an easy solution to minimizing wind noise. When installed properly, vent visors will deflect wind away from the trucks window or keep it from entering the cab of the truck. Harsh weather conditions will affect the way the vent visor will perform. Prices for vent visors rang from $35.00 to $100.00, depending on the vehicle, the manufacturer and the material the vent visors are made from.



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