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What air intake systems can i get for a turbo charger

Turbo Chargers And Cold Air Intake Systems

Performance engines are either turbocharged or supercharged, which means that air coming into the engine is pressurized so that more fuel-air mixture can be squeezed into each cylinder to increase performance and horsepower. This pressurized air-fuel flow is called a boost. Turbocharged vehicles use a small turbine attached to the exhaust to rotate air extremely fast within the compressed turbine into the air stream. The air for the most part is already cool, but added air-fuel flow faster creates more horsepower as well as more torque.

Adding the cold air intake system will increase not only horsepower but the performance of the turbo charger will increase. When using these combinations , you will find you have a quicker throttle response, lower air-fuel temperatures and even gives a deeper, more throatier sound. Anytime you want bolt on horsepower that isn't extremely pricey, look for turbo chargers.

How does cold air help my engine?

Knowing How Cold Air Helps

Engines take in air and fuel and compresses the fuel-air mixture. Engines then create combustion and releases it in the form of exhaust. However, compressed air heats faster inside your engine (air intake) and can rob your vehicle of its power, performance and fuel efficiency. Many vehicles are different in its need for both fuel and air. But they all need the coolest air possible to maintain good performance. The cooler the air the better the performance. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or factory replacement parts on your vehicle may cause huge restrictions in the air flow to your engine.

A lot of people are looking to buy cold air intake systems or Ram air. These are known to keep your car running cooler, more efficient and sometimes can add as much as 10 to 15 more horsepower. Some of these cold air intake systems are as glamorous in price as they are in looks, but looks do not keep the air cold. A good operating system can be money-saving and look good. Between polished, colored, smooth and rough, there are many styles to choose from. The price range can be anywhere from under $100 to more than $300. Remember, just because it looks good, it doesn't mean it's best for your car.

what about short ram air

Most Commonly Used Intake System

Short ram air is the most commonly used air intake system, because of its affordability and its easy application. But has a huge drawback. Short ram air is also known as "warm air", and this is a common mistake made by inexperienced owners. Although the short ram is very popular it does little to produce cold air within the intake because of its location in the engine bay. Even though heat shields are sometimes added to the installation, you're basically dressing up your engine with little or no extra performance. Some manufacturers will give you the specifications on the "potential" for extra horsepower and performance, but reading the fine print will save you money as well as save you a headache later on.

What's in an intake?

The inside scoop on intakes

Your car's air intake system begins, naturally, with air. The first thing air runs into is a tube that will route cold air from behind the grille or inside the fender well into the engine. Not all cars have this tube, though. Some draw in hot air from under the hood. (Not cool.) Once inside, the air breezes into the air box or air cleaner. On fuel-injected cars it is a box that is shaped, well, like a box. On your carbureted cars, air cleaners look like big film canisters or an early UFO. Both have an air filter that will catch incoming dirt, insects, and any other contaminants the air might be bringing in with it. (Sort of like human nose hairs, only different.) After the air has checked through customs, so to speak, at the filter, the air, now free of contaminants and contraband, heads for the carburetor or, on fuel injected cars, the throttle body. Both contain a butterfly valve which controls the amount of air allowed into the engine. It is here that fuel, in most cases, is added to the mix to create the explosions that keep America's wheels turning.

What is a boxed filter system?

Boxed Filter System

When it comes to keeping heat and unwanted debris entering the filter, the enclosed or boxed filter system offers the most protection. Manufacturers took the idea of a filter in a box and modified it. Geniuses that they are, they reduced intake restrictions on the air intake duct and filter box by rerouting and increasing the diameter of the new air duct. This seems to work extremely well, especially when driving off road where all kinds of water and debris can get in and choke your filter.

Buying a cold air intake system on a budget?

Maintaining Your Cars Performance On A Budget

Finding money saving deals on auto parts is sometimes very hard. Whether it's online or close to home, new or used, cost effectiveness when buying auto parts is very important. Make sure you can afford the parts before installing them, as most places will charge you for a return, restocking fees and shelving fees. Getting cold air intakes cheap doesn't always mean you got a good deal. Knowing your buying limit increases your ability to get a good deal on any air intake system. It allows you to refine your searches, not only for the best deal, but for the right product for your vehicle.

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