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how do i clean and polish my tool box

Caring For Your Aluminum Tool Boxes

Caring for you tool box is essential if you want your tool box to have a long shelf life. Here are some tips to help you care for your aluminum tool box:

  • If the tool box does have a laminate coating, use only water and a mild car wash soap. When completely dry, wax the tool box as you would your vehicle.
  • Do not use an aluminum brightener or acid, or an aggressive wax to clean any laminated tool box. These cleaners and waxes will damage the coating and dull the shine.
  • If your tool box is bare aluminum you can use a diluted aluminum brightener or acid to clean the box.
  • If the dirt or grime on the box is light, a car wash soap will be fine. After the tool box is clean and dry, proceed with polishing.
The best way to apply an aluminum polish is with either a orbital buffer or a variable speed buffer. The orbital buffer is probably the best to use when the box is in need of upkeep.
  • Apply the polish to the pad, also known as a bonnet. You do not need to cover the entire pad with the polish - just a little in the middle and a little on the edge.
  • When removing the polish, you will want to remove the moisture as well. This is done by using a powder while wiping the polish with a terry cloth. Baby powder works as does regular cooking flour.

What are most popular truck toolbox styles?

Toolbox Typology 101

Truck toolboxes come in two popular styles. The most popular is the crossover box, so named because it fits directly behind the cab and slides snugly over both sides of the truck bed. Crosses over, so to speak. Most truck owners bolt their crossover box in place to prevent hard-working thieves from stealing it. Most crossovers measure roughly 66 inches (167 cm) in length by 20 inches (51 cm) wide, with a depth of 18 inches (46 cm). These dimensions will vary according to the truck model. Crossover boxes come with a single lid or a double lid, for easy access. Tradesmen also like side storage units that fit along the sides of the truck and supplement the crossover box. The nice thing about side units is that they often have handy drawers that let you organize tools and supplies into compartments. In addition to crossovers and side units, there are trailer boxes, which sits at the rear of the truck; and the hitch box, which attaches to the rear of the truck at (Where else?) the hitch.

What are truck toolboxes made from?

...And that's what toolboxes are made of.

Just like the mail carrier of old, truck tool boxes have to be able to stand up to the ravages of the elements. You can get toolboxes made from heavy-duty plastic, heavy aluminum, and steel. For the aesthetically inclined tradesguy, there are boxes that sport a rugged-looking diamond-plate pattern. (Ooooh!) The most popular colors tend to be black, white, or the natural steel and aluminum colors. To get an idea of what's available, check out manufacturers online such as Deflecta Shield and Dee Zee.

What is the story on truck toolboxes?

Toolboxology 101

You've seem them around, those oversized, sometimes shiny, metal boxes mounted in the bed of a pickup truck. These are truck tool boxes that have become so popular with trades people all over the country. Maybe you have wondered, “What the heck is in those boxes?” As you might have guessed, those tool boxes contain tools, though some have been known to contain the odd forest creature and/or lunch. The point is you can put most anything in them besides tools. Manufacturers, like Deflecto and Dee Zee, offer all kinds of boxes in different shapes, styles, colors, and materials. Whether you want to fill it with tools or sandwiches, it should be easy to find a box that fits your needs.

What's the value of a truck toolbox?

…what a toolbox can do for you

In order to understand why truck toolboxes have become so popular, you have to know your history. Back in the day, before truck toolboxes (BTT), electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters, ironworkers and other blue-collar guys would lug their tools home after work every day or leave them lying around in truck's cab. Not a good situation. Fortunately, some clever but unknown fellow invented a box that could be attached to the truck's bed. Shazam, shazam! Now the truck owner could lock his tools and supplies into the tool box. No longer would he need to bring them into the house. What's more, he would be sure that the items in the box would be there, ready for work, the next day.

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