Truck Covers and Security

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What about truck security?

Truck Covers and Security

When you cover your truck bed, you are in essence, making a trunk. Nobody can see what you got inside. This is a good thing, especially if you are carrying valuables you want to keep. Soft covers can conceal your valuables, of course, but if you want to be sure they stay secure, take the extra precaution of putting a secure locking system on your Truxedo Tonneau Cover or Truck Cap. Hard Tonneaus, (or is it Tonneaux?) come with locks and provide a stronger exterior against damage and theft. Soft Tonneaus don't. Even the most basic Truck Cap, though, will have a locking rear door above the tailgate. If your truck does not have a locking tailgate, have a full cap door installed in its place. Your truck will be more secure, and you'll sleep soundly ever after.



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