Truck Cover Materials

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What are covers made from?

Truck Cover Materials

Soft Tonneau Covers are made of vinyl, like an Access Tonneau Cover, which can shrink in cold weather, (like many of us.) To compensate for this, some cover systems come with tension controls. Hard Tonneau Covers and Truck Caps are not affected by the weather. They are made of lightweight, durable fiberglass. Lightweight, of course, is a relative term. Your standard fiberglass Tonneau can weigh between 80 and 120 lbs., depending on the size of your truck bed. Some companies have patented their own material. One company has introduced a hard Tonneau Cover that weighs 58 lbs. for a full-sized truck that is as durable as fiberglass and less expensive. You may run across Truck Caps are made of aluminum. They are lightweight, easy to take off, cost less, but they dent more easily.



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