Cold hard facts about Cold Air Induction

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How does cold air boost horsepower?

Cold hard facts about Cold Air Induction

Cold Air Induction is similar to Funky Cold Medina in the following way: Not at all.

The fact of the matter is that cold air is good for pumping up the horsepower so a cold air intake, like a K&N cold air intake, is the way to go.

The colder the air, the denser. Denser air contains more oxygen. The more oxygen your car can get, the more power it gives. This is how it works, according to the brainiacs who think about these things: If you can decrease air intake temperature by 10 degrees F you will increase horsepower and torque by 1%. The opposite is also true; a 10 degree rise in intake temperature will cost you 1% of your horsepower. So, when it comes to powering up your ride, remember to play it cool.



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