Custom Floor Matology 101

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How do I choose a custom floor mat?

Custom Floor Matology 101

There's more to choosing custom-made floor mats than meets the eye…or the feet. (Sorry.) It's sort of like choosing a new pair of boots, only different. Anyways, here are a few things to look for in custom-made floor mats.

-Should be made with the toughest rubber to withstand abusive foot traffic. (Duh!)
-Warrantied against cracking or breaking. Should be for more than a year. Most off the shelf products offer one year limited warranty.
-An exact fit. No folding or slipping allowed!
-Resistance snow, ice, hail, sleet, rain, mud, dirt, gas, oil, even battery acid. (Again, Duh!)
-Go with a proven brand, like Husky or a Weathertech cargo liner. With new custom floor mats in your vehicle, you may feel the earth move under your feet, but it won't be a problem. You can just wash it away with a hose.



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