Replacing a Reusable

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How do I replace a high perfromance reusable filter?

Replacing a Reusable

So, you want to put a high-performance re-usable filter in your vehicle. Good idea, especially if you have a high performance vehicle. If you don't, well, as they say, it couldn't hurt. These bad boys will get more air to your engine which can goose up performance. And because they're washable, they can provide filtering protection up to 250,000 miles. There are a couple of caveats about the reusable. If you do a lot of off road and other heavy-duty driving, you may need to inspect and service your vehicle more frequently. As a rule, most re-usable air filters should be inspected every six to 12 months.

Now, here's what you do to install your reusable filter:
-Raise the hood and locate the air filter compartment.
-Remove the clamps holding down the housing and set them aside.
-Pull out and inspect the filter. If you see a layer of dust build-up, it's time for a cleaning.
-Tap it against a flat surface to remove any loose debris.
- Spray both sides with air-filter cleaner and soak for at least 10 minutes.
-Rinse with tap water and air dry.
-Put a small amount of oil on each pleat and let it soak in for 20 minutes. Before you put the filter back in.
-Use the shop vac to clean any debris from the filter compartment. Make sure your hoses are in good working condition.
-Reinstall the filter (making sure it fits properly in place.)
-Replace the housing and tighten the clamps.
-Close the hood.
-Start your car.

Does everything sound and feel right? If so, you're ready to roll!



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