Selecting Clutch and Flywheel

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How do I choose a replacement clutch?

Selecting Clutch and Flywheel

When it comes time to replace your clutch, you are going to be faced with an important decision. Which combination of Clutch and Flywheel is best for your driving style?

You choose wrong (or is it wrongly?), and you could end up very disappointed at crunch time. To keep you from disappointment, here are a few clutch tips that will help you come through in the clutch with the right decision.

- Lightweight flywheels are used in most 2WD applications such as street, circle track and drag racing (factory Toyota flywheels range in weight between 22 and 24 pounds). A lighter flywheel carries less reciprocating weight, which in turn, allows a driver to raise engine RPMs more rapidly and shift through the gears more quickly.

- Heavy or High-Torque flywheels are recommended on 4WD applications such as street, off-road racing, and handling rocky terrain. A heavy flywheel has a greater inertia bank and allows the engine to stay within its torque range, making it the best choice for vehicles with large tires and tall gears.



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