A winch alone is not enough

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What do I get when I buy a winch?

A winch alone is not enough

When you buy a winch, you have bought yourself just that…a winch. A winch by itself isn't much use. Oh, you might could use it to pull the kids in a wagon, for yuks. Just don't try to yank a pick-up out of a gorge. Some places will give you a deal on the remote cable control and fairlead hawser. That's a start, but you still aren't ready to reel. You'll also need the mounting kit for your vehicle. It is highly recommended by industry experts that you buy the winch manufacturers kit. It has been designed for that winch and vehicle and covers all safety considerations. Whatever you do, don't try to DIY a winch mount. It is too dangerous.



10/24/2006 9:49:55 PM
bill said:

yeah, dont try to do it yourself. parish the thought you might realize that you can make all kinds of things for yourself. maybe you wont need to buy overpriced, simple things merely out of fear.


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