Removing a rock guard

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How do I remove the rockguard on my Mercedes SUV?

Removing a rock guard

Car accessory advertisers want you to think that installing a nerf bar is a piece of cake, and it may be…for a freaking mechanical genius. The rest of us get stumped at removing the rock guard, which brings me to my point. The rock guard can be a pain in the ratchet to get off. But you have no choice. It has to come off.

The plastic rock guard covers the area between the frame and the bottom edge of the body, which is where it should be. However, the bolt points where the nerf bar supports have to be mounted are behind it.

To get it off you have to pop out black little round plastic flush nuts running along the bottom. Then you have a couple of clips to remove. Sounds simple, right? Yes, but remember you will be lying on your back doing this. And, oh, one more thing. Dirt will be falling in your face, so wear eye protection.

Even if you manage to get the rock guard off, you might want to get help installing your nerf bars. Bolting them on can be quite an adventure for the mechanically challenged. There's not a lot of room to work and you can't see that well. You'll have to do some of it by touch instead of sight. In the end, it might be worth it to pay a pro $75 or so to do it for you.



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