Installing a rear light guard

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How do I install a rea light guard on my truck?

Installing a rear light guard

Installing a rear tail light guard on your pickup is as easy as rolling an SUV. Here's how:

-Find the bolts that hold the taillight covers in place.
-Lower the tailgate.
-Remove the bolts with A socket wrench. (Assuming you have found them by now)
-After removing the bolts, pop off the taillight covers using the pry tool.
-Slide the guard down over the cover until the holes in the mounting attachments line up with the holes used for attaching the cover.
-Keeping the guard and cover together, position them for mounting.
- Reinstall the bolts and tighten them down.
- Make sure that the support bracket clasps on the side of the taillight housing.
-Check that the covers and guards are properly aligned.

If necessary, raise and lower the tailgate to be sure the new installation allows for proper clearance with. If you see that the brackets interfere with opening and closing, you can bend them for adjustment.



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