Replacing a burnt-out taillight

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How do I replace a burnt-out taillight?

Replacing a burnt-out taillight

You don't have to pay some high-priced mechanic to light up your car's rear-end. You can replace a burn-out taillight yourself by following these simple steps:
1. Depending on whether you have an “outie” or “innie” type lens cover, either unscrew the lens on the outside, or go into the trunk and take off the plastic cover there. You should see the bulb.
2. Unscrew the bulb. You'll have to push in and turn at the same time.
3. Go to the auto parts store and get the exact same bulb. Don't forget to take the burnt out bulb with you.
4. Once you have the correct bulb in hand, if you see any corrosion, take a wire brush and clean the connection, or wipe it clean with a rag, or both.
5. Line up the tiny raised bumps on the base of the bulb. Then push in and turn the new bulb into the empty socket as in step 2.
6. Put the lens or the plastic cover back on.
7. Check your work by stepping on the brakes and turning on the headlights.

Have a friend or acquaintance or whoever watches to make sure the new bulb goes on.



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