Installing the forward section of a flare

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How do I install the forward portion of a fender flare?

Installing the forward section of a flare

The forward portion of a flare attaches to the door and installs essentially the same way as the rear portion, with one important exception. You test fit the part, outline it with a grease pencil, prepare the surface and attach the part using double-sided tape. So far, so good.

But when you get to the actual mounting of the part, you will have to drill and attach screws into the metal surface of the door. To mark the location of the screws, apply colored modeling clay on the predrilled screw holes on the bottom of the part.

* Position the part properly and press down firmly.
* You can now see where on the door you have to pre-drill your holes.
* Go ahead and pre-drill the screw holes in the door using the markings as guides.
* Using self-tapping screws secure the part in place; then remove the tape backing.

Now you are ready to install the front fender flare on the forward wheel well. The front flare attaches just like rear one. Do the same on the other side and you are fully flared and raring to go.



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