A Flare for Style

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How can I make my truck stand out more?

A Flare for Style

Want a more macho look for your truck, van, SUV, or Jeep? Try dressing it in skirts. Fender skirts, that is, or as they are known these days -- fender flares. These fashionable auto accessories add width to the wheel openings of your vehicle. They are manufactured from tough plastic or fiberglass and come in a wide range of finishes. Fender flares will give you instant stud status while protecting the sides of your vehicle from all that icky mud, snow, and other nastiness. If you are running with hunky wheels and tires on your truck, van, SUV, or Jeep, you really need fender flares to keep road-spew off your vehicle's nice shiny sides. Fender flares are the perfect complement to the Alpha- truck look created by a set of big-bubba tires.



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