Installing A Truxedo Tonneau Cover

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what are the advantages of installing a tonneau cover

Installing A Truxedo Tonneau Cover

Installing a Truxedo tonneau cover can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 10%. When wind enters the truck bed, it can create a down draft on the bed actually causing drag, which in turn causes your truck to use more fuel. By installing a Truxedo tonneau cover you can stop the drag and insure that your truck is getting that much needed fuel efficiency.

Truxedo tonneau covers also provide a level of safety. Anytime you have items in the bed of your truck you take the risk of losing them when the truck is in motion. During transit, these items exit the truck bed and have huge amounts of momentum potentially causing harm to you or another motorist. Truxedo tonneau covers can hold these items inside the bed and give you peace of mind that the contents of your bed are safe and secure. Truxedo tonneau covers can also protect your trucks bed from rain, snow, dirt, and leaves at the same time minimizing the chance for rust.



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