Choosing The Right Brakes

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how do i choose the right brakes for my car

Choosing The Right Brakes

Choosing the right brake for your vehicle is very important. There are several factors involved when purchasing the right brake pads and not all brakes are created equal. First consider your location. Are you an everyday highway driver, or do you drive up and down the mountain everyday? For the minivan that handles carpooling, soccer games and road trips, consider the amount of weight on your brakes.

When shopping for brakes, find out the average life line of the brakes and how often they need to be replaced. Brake life is often misleading by the manufacturer so make sure to ask questions. Your minivan is not racing on the track, so buy brake pads that are suited for your vehicle. Looking for a leader in brake pads? EBC brakes are a leader in low dust brake pads with little fade. The price range varies per application; ask your mechanic or manufacturer for more details before purchasing your brake pads.



9/2/2009 6:02:24 AM
slickvic said:

EBC are not 'THE' market leader in low dust brake pads....Cheap brake materials / compounds more or less produce more dust than high line brake pads. Many garages OEM are selling cheap to induce more sales to increase uneccessary wear to the rotors, thus creating more sad expense for the car owner. Cheap pads are not the solution.... check your manufacturers for their PREFERED OE supplies to brake material used on your vehicle. Rigorous tests go through the 'chosen' materials for that specific vehicle.... GO WITH THE MANUFACTURER. ---- slickvic - brake guru for a brake manufacturer


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