Euro and Black Tail Lights

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are euro tail lights for me

Euro and Black Tail Lights

Euro tail lights have become all the rage, especially in the street racing community. These clear tail lights are a very common accessory, but expect to pay the price for these custom tail lights. For instance, for a 2003 or 2004 Honda Civic (a very common vehicle among street racers), you could shell out between $500 to $1000 for both head lights and tail lights. There are cheaper brands and cheaper prices for Euro tail lights.

Does this head light give any added performance or safety to the vehicle ? No! But they do look good on your vehicle.

Are they durable? Yes! Sometimes, a lot more durable than the factory tail lights, depending on the make of the vehicle. Euro tail lights are probably the answer to faded tail lights. But always do your homework before buying any after market accessory. Tail lights should be no exception.

Do these tail lights increase the value of your vehicle? Sometimes, depending on the vehicle. Some people are in the market for a vehicle with this type of accessory and will consider the higher asking price.

Black tail lights have been around for years. These are a dark tinted or smoke colored tail light guards. Even though some vehicles do not have the option of the black tail lights or head lights, most vehicles do. Some are made from a polymer material, others are clear/tinted fiber glass and some are carbon fiber. All are a mixture of different materials, for added strength, durability and color. You can get black-out kits for a fraction of what you would spend on Euro tail lights. You can remove then without having to replace your head lights or tail lights. Normally, the cost for a good set of black tail light covers will cost between $35 and $80.



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